MAY 2014

Information Architecture – IA

Building a website can be very stressful, which is why you need to understand the architecture before you start building or creating anything. What’s an Information Architecture (IA)? If you’ve heard of the term Site Map, it’s the birds-eye-view of all of the site pages. If you have already or are ever planning to write


FEB 2014

Honoring A Legend

15 years ago a friend of mine in college introduced me to an amazing designer. That designer was doing animation and web design that was so clean and inspirational that I followed all his work like a hawk. If he produced a new website I was all over it. If he posted a new animation


NOV 2013

50 Ideas Are Better Than One

Imagine your just starting your career and you’re given an opportunity by your CD, AD, PM or some other two letter representation of a person in advertising. Despite where the project came from you’re given the opportunity to come up with some creative ideas for a project. You’re given 8 hours to come up with


JUL 2013

Random Name Generator

Ever needed to randomly generate a list of names for a project? If you’re like me you’ll just list off 20 names of friends and hope none of them ever see the comp you created that used their name. Well no longer shall I worry about this fear. Now that I’ve mastered the art of Lorem Ipsum,


MAR 2013

Keeping It Fresh

Keeping It Fresh

Are you looking to brush up on your design, social media, or SEO skills? There are a variety of online learning solutions that you can comfortably learn from – without having to set foot on a campus! In my article “Keeping It Fresh”, I talk about a number of resources that you can look into


FEB 2013

Tips on How to Manage Outside Agencies

Managing Outside Advertising Agencies

Does your company keep your in-house marketing team in the dark when it comes to working with  outside advertising agencies? Take back control of your company’s brand initiatives, and work side-by-side with your agency to create the best work possible. Read my article “Tips on How to Manage Outside Advertising Agencies” to learn more.