FEB 2014

Honoring A Legend

15 years ago a friend of mine in college introduced me to an amazing designer. That designer was doing animation and web design that was so clean and inspirational that I followed all his work like a hawk. If he produced a new website I was all over it. If he posted a new animation


FEB 2014

I Love Advertising!

It’s Valentines Day and while all the rest of the world is planning on where they are going to eat dinner with their significant other, I decided to think about why I do what I love. I originally started my career in advertising as a print designer, but slowly made the move into the world


NOV 2013

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

The year isn’t over, but it’s the time for thanks and giving. I’m thankful for so many things in 2013. First off my mother and father for being so supportive of all the things I do personally and for giving me life. They came to visit for 10 days in January and although we had


NOV 2013

50 Ideas Are Better Than One

Imagine your just starting your career and you’re given an opportunity by your CD, AD, PM or some other two letter representation of a person in advertising. Despite where the project came from you’re given the opportunity to come up with some creative ideas for a project. You’re given 8 hours to come up with


AUG 2013

ADventures in New York

WHOISCARRUS New York City Skyline

Did you know WHOISCARRUS is now based in New York City? Don’t get too excited, Orlando folk – it’s just temporary! Jeremy and I decided to take an artist in residence-style trip for the month of August in one of the most inspiring cities in the world – NYC! Luckily, the good folks at POKE NY generously


AUG 2013

From MOMA To The Met – and Beyond!


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but New York City has a *few* museums. You know, ones that showcase Picasso, Warhol, Monet…nobigdeal. We almost feel spoiled here in NYC, surrounded by all of this mind-blowing, important, famous and intriguing art just a few subway stops away from our doorstep. We were particularly impressed with The


JUL 2013

Nico Vega Live!

Believe it or not you’ve probably heard this band but didn’t know it. They’ve been around since 2005 quietly making their rise in the Alternative Rock music scene. Their song “Beast” (in the video below) is from the TV commercials for the video game Bioshock Infinite, as well it’s been used in the TV trailer for the