FEB 2013

Tips on How to Manage Outside Agencies

Managing Outside Advertising Agencies

Does your company keep your in-house marketing team in the dark when it comes to working with  outside advertising agencies? Take back control of your company’s brand initiatives, and work side-by-side with your agency to create the best work possible. Read my article “Tips on How to Manage Outside Advertising Agencies” to learn more.


DEC 2012

In-House Creative Gift Guide

Creative Gift Guide

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, you may want to play office Santa for some of your favorite in-house creative co-workers. Check out the In-House Creative Gift Guide I created for HOW Magazine’s In-HOWse blog. It’s chock full of quirky, useful and designerly present ideas for creatives of all levels and interests.


NOV 2012

Giving Thanks.

HOW Design Thanksgiving Article

On this one year anniversary at WHOISCARRUS, there is a lot to reflect on. Mostly, how thankful I am that an uncomfortable situation turned out to be so great. Read my full article “This Thanksgiving, I’m Thankful For Change” on HOW Magazine’s In-HOWse blog.


APR 2012

Peep This: Notes From The Dark Side

Advertising Agency From The Flipside

Surprise, surprise. After a 6 month hiatus from HOW Design, I returned with an article written from behind enemy lines. This is the first article I wrote as Creative Director at WHOISCARRUS. No longer an in-house marketing team manager, I could now approach the issue of working with advertising agencies from a different perspective. (If you