Shannon Stull Carrus

Partner / Creative Director

Lets Connect:


Shannon Stull Carrus is both an ad agency and in-house agency expert with extensive experience in brand strategy, creative direction, and copywriting. She’s also pretty entertaining.

25 Interesting Facts About Shannon (in her own words):

  1. I am 6 feet tall, but I’ll still rock some stilettos.
  2. I have double-jointed thumbs. (See picture)
  3. I am distantly related to Pocahontas
  4. Growing up, my dad was a college football coach. Check out the ESPN retrospective of his famous 5th Down Controversy game.
  5. I once created a video installation for an art show in Paris.
  6. My business partner is also my husband.
  7. I once won a contest for writing Bacon Haiku (See picture).
  8. I eloped in Hawaii (See picture).
  9. More than 3,500 people saw a nude painting of me at the 2010 Orlando Nude Nite Art Happening. And to those people, I apologize!
  10. I am a University of Texas Longhorn. Hook ’em!
  11. Cupcakes are my biggest weakness.
  12. My husband has 13 tattoos, but I have none.
  13. I am a guest columnist for HOW Magazine.
  14. My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
  15. I sing a mean broadway tune in a karaoke bar.
  16. I’ve visited 9 countries on 2 continents. I consider this number way too low.
  17. I have at least one friend in almost every major US city.
  18. I am happiest by the sea.
  19. Electrocuting my tongue was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.
  20. I am a blond by nature (see #19), but a redhead at heart.
  21. My Betty Boop impression freaks people out every time. (Ask me to do it if we meet.)
  22. I hate to exercise but I love to dance.
  23. I’ve been called a smart ass on more than one occasion.
  24. I was once hired as a copywriter because my writing didn’t “sound like a woman wrote it.” Whatever that means.
  25. Fair warning: I hug everybody.