JUL 2013

Nico Vega Live!


Believe it or not you’ve probably heard this band but didn’t know it. They’ve been around since 2005 quietly making their rise in the Alternative Rock music scene. Their song “Beast” (in the video below) is from the TV commercials for the video game Bioshock Infinite, as well it’s been used in the TV trailer for the Tom Cruise film, Jack Reacher.

Initially I was pumped up about them just from this one song, however after listening to their other songs on their first self titled album Nico Vega and their new album Fury Oh Fury I’ve become a big fan. I’m not sure what other size venues they’ve played but I was really glad they made it to Orlando and I got to see them up this close and in a very intimate setting like the Social in Downtown Orlando. It was a great show, and I was lucky to grab this little gem of video at the end. Great show Nico can’t wait to see you guys & gals again some day! Check em out. They rock!




Thanks Rich Koehler (The Guitarist from Nico Vega) for the pic! Great set man!