FEB 2014

I Love Advertising!


It’s Valentines Day and while all the rest of the world is planning on where they are going to eat dinner with their significant other, I decided to think about why I do what I love. I originally started my career in advertising as a print designer, but slowly made the move into the world of interactive media. I didn’t want to go into a crazy rant about how I love everything about the¬†world of advertising, I just wanted to get to the core of why I really love it.

I Love advertising! And this is why.

I get to learn about new things all the time!

When I first started my career 14 years ago I used to only think about how cool a design was. I didn’t give any consideration behind how much thought went into a good website or a clever television advertisement. Today I know first hand how much effort goes into a good advertisement. I get calls from people who I’ve never met before in industries I never knew existed. I love sitting down with a client and listening to them talk about their business. It’s probably one of the most rewarding things about my job. I feel like every day is a new opportunity to learn about something I never even knew about.


It’s helped me become a more social person.

Most people that know me, know I am pretty quiet and introverted. I speak softly because I’m a calm and slower paced person. Advertising has actually helped me learn to speak up for myself. I get to ask lots of questions and give my feedback on how to solve a clients problems.


It’s allowed me to do what I love for a living.

I am a business owner and partner in a company I started 10 years ago, but in my heart I’ve always been an artist. I may not be painting pictures or drawing things with my hands outside of initial ideas for a project I’m using the talents I was born with to make a living day after day. To me that’s worth more than anything besides the love of my wife.


It’s brought me True Love!

5 years ago I met my amazing wife, and now business partner, Shannon. I met her through a mutual friend at an advertising event and turned the night into a date. The rest is history. She’s been working with me since November 2011 and since then we’ve grown our business in amazing ways. She’s given to me and I’ve given to her and we just keep on growing and changing for all the better.

Do you work in Advertising? If so why do you love it?