OCT 2013

Start Making Your Own Choices Early On In Your Career


When I first started in the world of advertising I was beyond eager to please. I would often do anything I was told to do by my boss or by a client. Even to the point of knowing something was wrong and shouldn’t be done a certain way.

As times have changed and I’ve grown more comfortable with my skills as a creative problem solver. I’ve learned to speak up for myself. When clients ask for my opinion I don’t just tell them what they want to hear. I give my honest input. Sometimes it’s scary to hear the words come out of my own mouth, but after I do say something I know they don’t want to hear I’m much happier I did speak up. Sure I may lose a client or they may dislike me, but at least I know I’ve provided a better service to them by telling them the truth. I don’t do it to be vindictive, I do it to provide value.

Now I’m not saying to tell your client’s or your boss no, that you won’t do something. I’m saying think about the issues to their problems. Think about what it is they are asking you to do… Take charge and step up for yourself and the clients project. Don’t just be a mouse for them to click and push items around on a screen for. See image below.



If it makes sense then yes agree, but if you feel there is a better way, take charge and let your opinion be known. Who knows you may be surprised when your boss or a client says thanks for the input.

Below is a quote from a video game that I like to think of when asked for my opinion.

A man chooses, a slave obeys. – Andrew Ryan, founder / creator of Rapture.