MAY 2014

Information Architecture – IA


Building a website can be very stressful, which is why you need to understand the architecture before you start building or creating anything.

What’s an Information Architecture (IA)? If you’ve heard of the term Site Map, it’s the birds-eye-view of all of the site pages. If you have already or are ever planning to write a book it would be the outline of the book chapters before you start the writing process.

The IA outline can be in a text or a visual diagram format. At WHOISCARRUS we use the visual diagram format. We feel it’s the most intuitive approach and it helps give our clients a better representation of what to expect moving forward.

Below is an example of one of our IA’s in the initial whiteboard and in the completed design format. As you can see this gives us the big picture of what sections of the site will exist. As well it helps us easily make changes to the site’s overall page structure, because the project is still in the discovery phase of our 4D process.



This step is very crucial from a design and development perspective. It helps us grasp a better understanding of how many wireframes will need to be created. It also gives our clients a better understanding of how many pages the site will contain and helps with the content generating phase.

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