AVT Simulation Website Redesign


Project Overview

AVT-LogoAVT Simulation is a leader in simulation training and simulation systems integration. AVT mostly develops and trains for commercial pilots and the armed forces, so most of their products look like Call of Duty on steroids (read:super cool). It pretty much goes without saying that when AVT was introduced to WHOISCARRUS, they already had an impressive array of work. However, they readily conceded that their website at the time did not reflect the high-tech and cutting-edge nature of their products. They knew that in order to convey the true innovation and sophistication of the company, they were due for a website redesign. That’s where we stepped in.


As we do with most of our clients, WHOISCARRUS began with a brand bootcamp at the AVT Simulation headquarters. There, we toured the facility and simulators, as well as spent a lengthy amount of time talking with key stakeholders about the AVT brand, competitors and goals.

Once the bootcamp concluded, WHOISCARRUS created a moodboard, based on our findings. This moodboard demonstrated key visual elements to be integrated in to the new site, including image treatment, call-outs, forms, buttons and color palette.



In order to support the new, modern vision of the new website, WHOISCARRUS also organized and art directed a photo shoot at the AVT headquarters. This shoot allowed us to really show off authentic AVT Simulation projects, as well as capture professional imagery of office staff.


Lastly, prior to the website design WHOISCARRUS created detailed wireframes, which demonstrated the functionality of the site in simple, easy-to-use layouts. This helped the leaders at AVT understand how the site would work, as well as get familiar with the site heirarchy. Once this was approved, WHOISCARRUS took it and ran with it, resulting in the modern, exciting website AVT Simulation showcases today.

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