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Project Overview

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Babies are a lot of things; they’re cute, smelly, and pretty lovable. But let’s face it, they just can’t play sports.

Luckily, Baby Goes Pro is here to turn those anklebiters into athletes. Founded by an Olympic gold medalist, Baby Goes Pro is a fun and interactive DVD series that teaches young children the fundamentals of sports. If you read the DVD design section, you saw that Baby Goes Pro originally tapped WHOISCARRUS and friends to shoot, edit and design the series. Naturally, the next step was to take their adorable product to the ‘net.




We started the design and development of the website the old-fashioned way – on a whiteboard. Then, we moved those rough ideas to paper with our greyscale wireframes (below).


wire-frame wire-frame-2


Wireframes help outline a site and show its functionality before it goes in to the design phase. During wireframing/prototyping phase, Baby Goes Pro had the opportunity to understand the site’s content, navigation, and rough layout.







Once the wireframes were approved, the website began the design phase. Starting with the mood board (above) as a reference point, WHOISCARRUS designed and developed the Baby Goes Pro website to compliment the child-friendly look and feel of the DVDs.

Ultimately, the final website design featured demo videos of the series, as well as an ecommerce solution so parents could buy the DVDs directly. Additionally, the new site also helped attract potential distributors such as Target and Walmart.


Created in partnership with
Eclyptic Media