Florida Architects Social Media Plan


Project Overview


When it came to social media, Florida Architects was unsure how to translate their brand love to “likes”. So, WHOISCARRUS dropped by to help ’em out.

After discussing Florida’s Architect’s needs, WHOISCARRUS created a social media marketing strategy that outlined deliverables and goals. The goal of these social media efforts was threefold: 1)  they would complement the existing Florida Architects website, 2) they would be an opportunity to share thought leadership and 3) they would celebrate and champion community events. Once these goals were established, WHOISCARRUS created custom Facebook page and tab designs that would frame the new content with a brand-consistent look and feel. Then, we created a custom Twitter page design, as well. Lastly, we created content strategies and guidelines for Florida Architects so they could take over the content management of their social media pages in-house.





Florida Architects updated Timeline with key pages for users to easily find data.





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