Gurtzberry Yogurt Case Study


Project Overview


WHOISCARRUS created branding for this hip little yogurt shop that would show the world why Gurtzberry frozen yogurt is not just cold, it’s cool.

First, we needed to create a tagline for Gurtzberry that differentiated them from their competitors. After speaking with the store’s owners, the difference was immediately clear. Unlike other yogurt shops, which use powder-based formulas chock full of preservatives, Gurtzberry uses real, all-natural ingredients.  “Our Yogurt Is Real” became Gurtzberry’s tagline and mantra. Today, this message of freshness and authenticity runs through all marketing materials WHOISCARRUS designed for them.

Peruse below to see some examples of the work we created for Gurtzberry’s marketing, including: website design, signage, press releases and more.


freshfruit gurtz-site


gurtzberry-menu Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 12.03.54 AM




table_top-mission table_top-story


Mini_Menu_Front Mini_Menu_Back


additional-signage yogurt-flavors