Gurtzberry Yogurt Signage


Project Overview


Gurtzberry is a brand built on authenticity; their yogurt is real, and their ingredients are fresh. Good thing WHOISCARRUS likes to “keep it real”, too. In order to help Gurtzberry create a fun and fresh store experience, WHOISCARRUS was brought in to create signage elements that would complement the store’s decor.


Gurtzberry Store Menu


The project began with Gurtzberry’s menu board, which was designed with vibrant colors and photography that looks good enough to eat.

Yogurt Machine Graphics


Taking the circle design elements and color palette from the menu signage, WHOISCARRUS then created graphics for the window clings and street signage, as well as the yogurt machine.

Street Signage







Window Signage & Clings



Lastly, WHOISCARRUS created custom digital art that reflected the young, hip vibe of the store.


Custom In-Store Artwork

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Additional Signage


Together, these signage elements created a unified brand experience that was a real treat for customers.