Honor Someone Now Website & Branding

Creativity International Award

Project Overview


Honor Someone Now is the brainchild of a local entrepreneur who is dedicated to spreading positivity. Disturbed by recent news stories about online bullying and harassment, he dreamed of creating a safe online space where people could build each other up, instead of knocking them down. WHOISCARRUS was brought in to bring this dream to life.


WHOISCARRUS first created the website look and feel, which was presented in a moodboard. This moodboard communicated color palette, image treatment, profile examples and more. Concurrently, the WHOISCARRUS team developed more than 50 logo design options which were created to work in harmony with the site look/feel, as well represent the Honor Someone Now brand.


Next, WHOISCARRUS designed the Honor Someone Now Facebook page, in order to generate interest in the positivity movement prior to the final website launch. This allowed Honor Someone Now to begin to build their community and their brand before users could dive in to the website and “honor” their loved ones. Today, the Facebook page continues to be a source of motivational messages and community building for members and fans of Honor Someone Now.



Once the moodboard and brand look/feel were approved, WHOISCARRUS created prototypes to demonstrate the functionality of the Honor Someone Now website. Because the website works as a social network, there were a number of intricate details about user levels, submissions and more that had to be worked out before the website was designed. By creating these prototypes, the client was able to understand and approve how the website would operate, without having the added burden of figuring out details like imagery or colors at the same time.



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