IFCO Systems About Pallets Blog


Project Overview



IFCO wanted to set the record straight on the benefits of using wooden pallets. There was a lot of misinformation out there, disseminated in what some in the media termed “the pallet wars” between wooden pallet and plastic pallet manufacturers. IFCO knew that wooden pallets are an economical and green choice for shipping produce. And, unlike plastic pallets, they are biodegradable and highly reusable. They just needed help in educating the public about these diverse and practical benefits.

WHOISCARRUS was contacted by IFCO to design the “About Pallets” blog, a project created to communicate the real facts about wooden pallets. They need the information to be presented in a simple way, and to have a site that was easy to navigate with clear and concise information. Although the site is no longer available, it was successful in meeting IFCO’s objectives of educating the public about their industry.