Jessica Charles Photography Branding


Project Overview


Jessica Charles is a St.Pete-based wedding photographer with a flair for vintage-style photography. Though she covers a range of weddings, she wanted to focus on nontraditional brides who want creative, warm, and quirky spins on their big day.

In order to do this, she trusted WHOISCARRUS to create a new brand identity that would represent both her style of photography, as well as her own cheerful and girly personality. The result was a gorgeous, vintage-inspired brand identity package that included a new logo, as well as letterhead, envelope, “thank you” mini cards and business card designs.




WHOISCARRUS created a number of different logo design options that incorporated vintage design elements such as ornate frames, birds, and hot air balloons. All feature the signature color palette of grey, yellow and robin’s egg blue. Eventually, we all agreed on a hot air balloon-focused design – a symbol of playfulness, having a different perspective, and of  “keeping your head in the clouds.”




WHOISCARRUS also created a number of patterns that could be mixed and matched on all different printed elements. The patterns were designed to complement each other when placed on different pieces, but would also look nice on their own.



Lastly, the business card designs (see top of page) featured Jessica’s beautiful, expressive photography on the backs of each one. There were five different card designs that could be given out at once (like at events), or given to clients individually.