Mazor Robotics Website Redesign


Project Overview


Mazor Robotics is a leading innovator in spine surgery. For anyone who is familiar with their brand, you should know their amazing product, The Renaissance Guidance System, is just too cool to sit on a boring ol’ site. They needed a website re-design that would really show it off. That’s why they turned to WHOISCARRUS.

Upon project kick-off, WHOISCARRUS spent the day with Mazor to get a full understanding of what made them and Renaissance different.



Through the WHOISCARRUS Brand Bootcamp, we learned that Mazor Robotics is currently the only company offering a robotics solution for spinal surgery. We also found out their biggest hurdles of selling the Renaissance® Guidance System. Knowing this information, we were then able to establish a plan for supporting their sales team, as well as position the website to appeal to surgeons, hospitals and patients.



Once a plan was set in place, WHOISCARRUS was able to start getting creative. We established the visual language of the site through a custom moodboard, which we then leveraged as a guide in the design the entire site. At the same time, new information architecture documentation and wireframes were used to help establish the site structure and functionality.


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