McDonald's Wake The Heck Up


Project Overview


Do you wake up in a fog? When 3pm rolls around, are you an office zombie? McDonald’s wants you to wake the heck up!




McDonald’s offers a range of caffeine-laced concoctions that are sure to put some pep in your step and a gleam in your heavy, sleep-laden eyes. But which one is the best pick-me-up? In order to solve this great mystery, users simply had to visit the Wake The Heck Up site and quiz. Visitors would answer some basic multiple choice questions, and their slumber stumper would be solved.




Initial Questionaire Test Design


Brain Fatigue Test Reader


McDonalds Free Drink Coupon

pic_freedrinkNot only was this site able to recommend a perfectly energizing elixir, but it also made that beverage even more appealing – it made it FREE! Upon completion of the interactive quiz, users of this site were presented with a coupon.

This campaign was extremely successful, earning both local and national ADDY awards and boosting McDonald’s beverage awareness.



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