Rasmussen Rocks Campaign


Project Overview

Rasmussen College


Rasmussen is a private college with national online programs and more than 25 campuses. Though they have a 100 year history, they found many “traditional” college students didn’t know much about them. In order to appeal to this 18-24 demographic, they needed to something that would really stand out from the clutter. So, in partnership with the creatives of WHOISCARRUS, they took the college’s brand in a whole new direction.

The Rasmussen Rocks! campaign’s conversational tone, edgy design, and integration with the local music scene spoke to graduating seniors in a way the college never had.  Suddenly, Rasmussen was cool.


The centerpiece of the campaign was a high-end booklet designed for college fair display and distribution. This cover’s background was laid with “soft touch”, a coating originally designed for J.Lo’s perfume brand “Glo.” The contrast between the soft, suede-like background texture and the raised, shiny surface of the embossed design created a tactile experience that students couldn’t put down.




Following the booklet design were collateral support pieces like a “quick look” brochure, as well as direct mail that supported the new Rasmussen Rocks! designs.

Music was an integral part of the Rasmussen Rocks! campaign, and was brought through as both limited-edition CDs, as well as local Rasmussen Rocks LIVE! events. Both featured local, up-and-coming bands from each of the states where Rasmussen has campuses. The connection to music, as well as support for local musicians helped create a culture that high school students could enthusiastically embrace.