Mike Dooley’s Thoughts Become Things


Project Overview


Mike Dooley – a dynamic motivational speaker featured in “The Secret” and author of NY Times best sellers “Leveraging the Universe” and “Infinite Possibilities” – had a problem;  he needed to create a movie.

Mike had most of the right stuff, like a great message and even some of the footage. He just really needed someone to add that “oomph”. That’s when WHOISCARRUS became part of the “Thoughts Become Things” universe.



Working with Eclyptic Media, WHOISCARRUS filmed some great pick-up shots to enhance the movie, and edited the footage together to create a compelling and natural narrative.


WHOISCARRUS even created the DVD and its cover design, which integrate imagery and textures found in the movie itself.


Lastly, in order to enhance the DVD-watching experience, we created beautiful motion graphics and the interactive menu.



The result was a happier client, a more motivated fan base, and a national TELLY award for the WHOISCARRUS team.

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