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Project Overview


The North American Veterinary Community NAVC™ approached WHOISCARRUS in the summer of 2013 to help them overhaul their entire website. Being big fans of animals, WHOISCARRUS was thrilled to be part of this project. While the branding and initial art direction was supplied by another local agency, WHOISCARRUS had no problem picking up the direction and running with the website strategy, design, production and CMS integration.



WHOISCARRUS spent an entire day with NAVC at their Gainesville, Florida Headquarters working out the strategy of how the new site would work and function. This was translated into a very large Information Architecture (IA). After meeting, we were able to create digital version that gave us and NAVC our initial map of the site.




At the same time we established user-flows and user access levels.



Wireframes were used to help explain individual page functionality and usability. It was through this phase that we would adjust and apply changes quickly to the site’s usability in order to meet the client’s business objectives.

navc-wireframe navc-wireframe2

Once the wireframes were approved, WHOISCARRUS was able to create the design based around the usability.


One of the biggest challenges of this site was the simplification of its extensive navigation. With over 30 subsections, the Conference area of the site had to be easy to navigate in order to drive conference attendance.

In the end, the new NAVC site Phase 1 launched in mid August of 2013. In January 2014, Phase 2 launched to include the customized community section that was built using the WordPress Buddy Media plugin. Additionally, WHOISCARRUS was also hired to create a custom motion graphics video that was used to help promote the new site at the 2014 NAVC Conference and online.


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