Rasmussen School of Nursing, "Touch" Television Commercial


Project Overview



The Rasmussen College School Of Nursing is a respected program that provides the quality education and personal touch that nursing students need. In order to showcase this school and draw in prospective students, Rasmussen College chose WHOISCARRUS to create a TV spot that would air in 5 different states.

In order to kick-off the project, all parties met to discuss the key selling points of the school, as well as the primary reasons people want to become nurses. After this initial meeting, a rough script was created.

Initial Storyboard


After drafting a script, WHOISCARRUS moved in to the storyboard phase. First, the storyboard was sketched out to guide the director and camera operator during the shoot. After the shoot, a new storyboard was created from screen shots of the real footage. This was done in order for the client to get a last look before post-production, and was also used to guide the editor.


Final Script


Once the final storyboard was approved, the TV spot was edited and delivered. The result was a soft, personal TV spot that increased awareness and enrollments at the Rasmussen College School Of Nursing.

End Screen


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