Columbia Insurance Group Website Redesign


Project Overview


Columbia Insurance Group has protected small businesses, farms and individuals for more than 100 years.  In order for their online brand to reflect this day and age, they needed a modern website redesign to match their high-quality service offerings.


In order to get the project rolling, the WHOISCARRUS team took a little trip to Columbia, Missouri, where we met with their smart and passionate team of stakeholders. There, we discussed the brand vision, the insurance company’s brand differentiators, as well as competition, vision and goals of the new website.

Once we were all on the same page, WHOISCARRUS returned to Orlando and began designing the new website’s moodboard. The moodboard demonstrated potential image treatment for the website, as well as color palette, navigation direction and more.



WHOISCARRUS then began designing the website’s wireframes, which are simple layouts that allow the agency to plan the way a site will function.


CIG-Agent-Dashboard1 CIG-Agent-Dashboard2

Then, layouts were first provided for sections of the website that were log in only, so the internal Columbia Insurance Group development team could begin skinning some of their proprietary areas of the site. Once those were handed off, WHOISCARRUS designed and developed the consumer-facing portion of the website, which is showcased in the rotator above.