TIMBER! Creative Group


Project Overview


TIMBER!’s “Mill On Mills” (as the office is known), was the seat of a lot of midnight brainstorming – one session which resulted in the agency’s name.  Based on the idea that timber is the strong foundation of many structures, so too would TIMBER! be the strong foundation brands needed in order to be built. Once the name was locked down, TIMBER! did what any self-respecting ad agency would do – they got some great collateral made to make it “official”.

This page features some of the award-winning branding design work that WHOISCARRUS produced for TIMBER! Creative Group. First, the letterhead and envelope were created, which featured rustic wood textures. Next, DVDs labels we designed, which were skinned to look like saw blades. Over time, signage and a website were designed as well – all featuring the rustic, mountain-man vibe of the original printed pieces.
















Created in partnership with
Eclyptic Media