WHOISCARRUS Back In Black Campaign


Project Overview



Back In Black was an award-winning 2006 self-promotional campaign that included a new website, collateral and print advertising. It was an opportunity for Jeremy to re-brand our agency as an entity as dark and mysterious as he is. Years later, of course, he realized he is less of dark and twisty dude, and more of a tree-loving hippie nerd. We guess earning awesome clients over the years and an even more awesome business partner (read: his wife) made him lighten up a bit.


WIC Company T-Shirt (Copy – Making you look good not matter how you look at it. Flipped upside down / reversed.) 




Collateral Package



Print Ad Copy Reads – (At whoiscarrus design we believe in creating work that involves the end user to the full extent. We create work that changes how people feel and makes them want to do something. We create interactive designs, and we help make our clients look their best on the Internet. Check us out online or give us a call. We look forward to making you look good.)





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